Największe stresy w życiu dziecka

Holmes i Rahe stworzyli oprócz listy stresorów dla dorosłych, taką listę dla dzieci. Sprawdź, czy twoje dziecko lub ty sam z przeszłości przeżywaliście stresujące sytuacje:

1. Death of parent21. Breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend
2. Unplanned pregnancy/abortion22. Beginning to date
3. Getting married23. Suspension from school
4. Divorce of Parents24. Becoming involved with drugs or alcohol
5. Acquiring a visible deformity25. Birth of a brother or sister
6. Fathering a child26. Increase in arguments between parents
7. Jail sentence of parent for over one year27. Loss of job by parent
8. Marital separation of parents28. Outstanding personal achievement
9. Death of a brother or sister29. Change in parent’s financial status
10. Change in acceptance by peers30. Accepted at college of choice
11. Unplanned pregnancy of sister31. Being a senior in high school
12. Discovery of being an adopted child32. Hospitalization of a sibling
13. Marriage of parent to stepparent33. Increased absence of parent from home
14. Death of a close friend34. Brother or sister leaving home
15. Having a visible congenital deformity35. Addition of third adult to family
16. Serious illness requiring hospitalization36. Becoming a full fledged member of a church
17. Failure of a grade in school37. Decrease in arguments between parents
18. Not making an extracurricular activity38. Decrease in arguments with parents
19. Hospitalization of a parent39. Mother or father beginning work
20. Jail sentence of parent for over 30 days 

Czy, któreś z tych wydarzeń znane są tobie lub twojemu dziecku? Potrzebujesz konsultacji?

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